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Brand promotion services on Spanish golf industry

Spanish golf courses head greenkeepers and Spanish golf clubs managers are always looking for solutions that allow them to achieve their goals faster, easier, cheaper or in a more effective way. Does your company offer interesting products or services for them? If your company is already part of the suppliers directory of (free of charge listing) you may be interested in taking a step further to promote your company’s activities, products and services.

To improve the positioning of your company listing, as well as to increase the information in it, you have at your disposal two options of premium listing: the Basic Listing, which improves your positioning in our supplier directory, and the Plus Listing, which improves your positioning in our directory of suppliers as well as also add all the information you consider relevant to your potential customers.

If you also want us to widely disseminate your news so that it reaches practically all golf industry professionals in Spain, you count on the Contents & Services package. With it you will also have at your disposal various services that will be useful in your day by day. This option complements and significantly reinforces the premium listing!

Can’t speak Spanish? Don’t worry! We translate from English to Spanish all the info you need.

Are you a distributor of several brands? Are you interested in actively promoting more than one commercial brand? Keep in mind that by hiring a single Contents & Services Package you will have coverage on all brands for which you hire a Basic Listing or a Plus Listing, so the budget does not double or triple each time you add a new brand of your portfolio.

If it is not exactly what you are looking for, you may find interesting our website advertising (banners & videos), our advertising spaces in the fortnightly newsletter (banners & sponsorships) and our email marketing campaigns.

Book TODAY our effective services for the whole year 2019 and start enjoying them today – more than 30 % of extra time free of charge!

€ 350 / year
Basic Listing

A nice first step to improve your company visibility

  • Listing your company in the top positions at one (1) section in the directory
  • Company logo at the listing

Improve your visibility in front of potential customers!

€ 550 / year
Plus Listing

Improve your company listing in our suppliers directory

  • Listing your company in the top positions up to three (3) sections in the directory
  • Company logo at the listing, at the homepage, at inner pages and at our fortnightly newsletter (linked to your company page)
  • Unlimited extra contents: text, pictures, documents, videos, maps, downloads, URL links, etc.

Show unlimited information to potential customers!

€ 750 / year
Contents & Services

Long-range spreading of your company’s news

  • Translating into Spanish specific contents such as stories, interviews, case studies, reports, etc.)
  • Unlimited publication of contents such as news, stories, interviews, case studies, reports, etc.
  • Inclusion in our fortnightly newsletter once posting on the website
  • Social media posting and networking in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • Corporate color link to the company premium page (Basic/Plus Listing) in our directory included in every single content published
  • Unlimited use of services sections such as job vacancies & internships, events agenda, commercial offers, second hand / used products

Complement the Basic/Plus listing!