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International info about free of charge listing, media packs and branding services

One of’ main targets is helping international golf industry professionals to contact Spanish golf course decision makers. Both our experience and skills let us staying in close touch with a number of Spanish golf industry operators, so will be an excellent way to promote your products and/or services through the Spanish golf industry. Our marketing and communication activities could be a great way to make well-known your company in Spain.

In our website you will found two main areas: a non-stop-growing suppliers directory where you can list your company entry free of charge, as well as many interesting contents such as stories, interviews, tech articles, case studies, job vacancies, used products markets, commercial offers, and much more (by the way, all in Spanish language).

How can I list my company in the suppliers directory?

The basic listing is free of charge, please email us the items listed below:

  • Contact details (address, phone, web, email, social media, etc.)
  • Logo (preferably with a white background and at least 500 pixels wide)
  • Summary of activity (approx. 300 words in English, we will translate into Spanish)
  • Featured image of product or service (preferably horizontal and at least 1,200 pixels wide)


How can I advertise my company in a profitable way?

We are pretty sure you will found it interesting our branding services on Spanish golf industry, the best tool set to develop branding services in the Spanish golf industry, as well as our website advertising and our email marketing campaigns. Those contains a bunch of effective action such as contents spreading (news, articles, interviews, etc.), email marketing campaigns, banners, advertisements, social media, listing improving, etc. If you do not found exactly what are you looking for, please do not hesitate asking us, we will be delight to create a specific campaign for you.


Which companies are currently working with

Please have a look on the companies is currently working with. We are pretty sure you know more than one!! 😉

Our goal is helping you to consolidate your presence in Spanish golf industry. Also, always in Spanish language, which make easier to spread your ideas. Please have a look on our free media pack as a first step, then please have in mind both our branding services on Spanish golf industry, the best tool set to develop branding services in the Spanish golf industry, as well as our advertising spots and our email marketing campaigns. Our services, which includes news, stories, articles, interviews, social media, web banners, biweekly newsletter banners, and more, are currently held by several worldwide companies.


Who are the potential visitors of

There are currently in Spain about 400 golf courses, clubs and resorts, in addition to eighteen different federations (one national and seventeen regional) and a number of professional players, golf academies, golf skilled companies, etc. That is why our potential users would be such as:

  • 400 club managers
  • 400 superintendents / head greenkeepers
  • 600 club manager assistant, food & beverage managers, director of golf, etc.
  • 500 greenkeeper assistant / superintendents assistant
  • 300 pro-shop managers
  • 750 professional players (academy managers, golf teachers, etc.)
  • 100 federative members (Royal Spanish Golf Federation & 17 regional federation)
  • A number of golf club board members, professional from other close industries, amateur players, etc.

It is estimated that is the meeting point for almost 3,000 operators from the Spanish golf industry and also many amateur players and weekend avid golfers interested to know more about our sport issues.

Our website has currently more than 10,000 visits and more than 25,000 pages viewed per month (continuously increasing), and positioned as the reference website for golf industry professionals in Spain. The business directory contains more than 1,100 companies listed and is positioned as the reference business directory for Spanish golf industry professionals. We hold more than 17,000 followers & friends in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram), as well as we are active cooperators of Golf Digest Spain magazine.


Why is in Spanish language only?

Our website is 99 % developed in Spanish language because is the easiest way to spread our contents. So, all your contents in English language (news, stories, interviews, articles, etc.) will be translated in order to make them much more accessible to Spanish decision makers. Let us be your Spanish voice!


Why our English-Spanish translations are both safe and verified?

All our English-Spanish translations are made by our director, Alejandro Nagy, former manager of the Canary Islands Golf Federation, former collaborator of Club Manager Spain (CMAE/CMAA partner) as well as current Golf Environment Organization Accredited Verifier. On the other hand Alejandro is regular contributor of Golf Digest Spain magazine as well as temporary contributor of several golf magazines and golf websites such as Golf Course Architecture magazine. His skills and background provides Alejandro a strong ability to develop a safe and verified translation of your contents to Spanish language.