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Already a member of our golf industry supplier directory? Please note that joining the directory is free of charge! After this first step, you might find interesting to spread in a useful way your stories, articles, interviews and other content through the Spanish golf industry decision makers – translated to Spanish language. We hold several useful media services, please check out the tables below.
Are you looking for a long time brand promotion? We recommend a combo in order to both upgrade listing and develop contents as well as services. Our most popular combo media pack holds a ‘Plus Listing Pack’ and a ‘Contents & Services Pack’, this option lets you running our tools in a high level from today until December 31st, 2017.
Do you prefer a high-impact commercial action? We recommend to develop an email marketing campaign. Our effective email marketing actions can be developed whenever your company prefers (new season, new product launching, special achievement, etc.), it ensure to catch the attention of Spanish golf industry decision makers on your company, your products and your services.
Our fares covers the whole year (from January 1st to December 31st) but we hold an interesting progressive discount policy. Hiring on March you enjoy a 20 % discount. In the coming months we will offer bigger discounts, but also less time running.

LISTING PACKS – Information about your company in our golf industry supplier directory





Length running of listing pack


01/01 to 12/31

01/01 to 12/31

01/01 to 12/31

Pack fee for the whole year

€ 0

€ 300

€ 500

€ 700

Fare hiring on March: 20 % discount

€ 240

€ 400

€ 560

Translating regular info from English to Spanish

Regular items: company logo, contact details, activity summary and outstanding picture

High position listed in the directory sections

Big size logo on directory sections

Avoiding logos from other companies, including potential competitors, at the right sidebar

Extra items: pictures, videos, maps, catalogs, brochures, URL links to external documents, etc.

Company listed up to three (3) directory sections

Company logo linked to the listing at the homepage as well as at the sidebar of every single general contents page

Adding to the Highlight companies area as well as to our sponsors map

Creative and flexible design on the listing

Company logo in the bi-monthly newsletter linked to the listing at our supplier directory

Notify about potential projects in Spanish golf market, searching for local distributors/representatives and more

Networking on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram


CONTENTS & SERVICES PACK – Continuous spreading stories from your company

Regular fee: € 750

20 % discount hiring on March: € 600

Length running of contents pack every single day from today to December 31st

Translating contents (stories, interviews, articles, etc.) from English to Spanishwe do not translate products/services brochures but we can suggest good professional translators

Publication of company contents such as stories, news, interviews, articles, job vacancies, commercial promos, events calls, etc.

Publication priority: sponsored contents are published and spreaded on social media as soon as possible

Exclusivity commitment: no other story on the same area (Maintenance, Management, Projects and Tourism) will be published the same day as far as possible

Publication of highlighted contents at the bi-monthly newsletter

Spreading highlight contents on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram

Company logo into the bi-monthly newsletter linked to the listing at the directory

Link to the listing with corporative colour in every contents where the company is mentioned

Company tag at highlight companies tag cloud

Adding to the Highlight companies area as well as to our sponsors map

Adding to highlighted stories, interviews and articles scrolling boxes at the homepage

Notify about potential projects in Spanish golf courses and golf companies, searching for local distributors/representatives and more


EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGNS – High impact well-focused advertisement

€ 400 each campaign

Length running: one unique day

Shipping one exclusive mailshot to our high-quality subscribers list.

The campaign is sent in a week in which there is no fortnightly newsletter to better capture the attention of the reader.

Our subscribers database contains more than 5,000 Spanish references, including top Spanish golf course decision makers such as club owners, club managers, course head greenkeepers, pro-shop managers, academy directors, professional players, federation managers, etc., as well as about 6,500 international golf industry professionals references (mainly from USA, UK and EMEA).


Our website has currently more than 6,000 visits and more than 18,000 pages viewed per month (continuously increasing), and positioned as the reference website for golf industry professionals in Spain. The supplier directory contains almost 1,000 companies entries and is positioned as the reference supplier directory for Spanish golf industry decision makers. We hold more than 5,000 followers & friends in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram, as well as we are active cooperators of Golf Digest Spain magazine.

Our website is 99 % developed in Spanish language – why? Because is the easiest way to spread our contents. So, all your contents in English language (stories, interviews, articles, etc.) will be translated in order to make them much more accessible to Spanish decision makers. Let us be your Spanish voice as several companies already does!

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