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Why investing in Spanish golf market?

Spain holds more than four hundred golf courses and is also a high valued golf destination. About 50 % of these golf courses are placed in well-known touristic areas such as Costa del Sol, Costa Brava, Balearic Islands, Canary Islands and Mediterranean coast, places where quality is demanded by golfers and golf operators. Both club managers and head greenkeepers demands nice services and good products, and they are always looking for items which let them work better on a daily basis. Are you a potential suppliers of products/services for Spanish golf clubs?

Our goal is helping you to consolidate your presence in Spanish golf industry. Also, always in Spanish language, which make easier to spread your ideas. Please have a look on our free media pack as a first step, then please have in mind our both useful and affordable media packs, the best tool set to develop branding services in the Spanish golf industry. Our services, which includes stories, articles, interviews, social networks, web banners, biweekly newsletter banners, and more, are currently held by several worldwide companies.

The website currently exceeded 7,000 monthly visits, also exceeded 2,300 monthly unique visitors as well as 18,000 pages views monthly. On the other hand, our database reaches 6,000 national references (including the majority of the golf industry professionals in Spain) and almost 6,000 international references, which gives actions via mailing of wide dissemination. Equally overcome 6,000 followers on social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn), which allows an interesting volume of interaction, as well as we collaborate with Golf Digest Magazine (Spain edition, monthly contributor), PGA Spain and Club Manager Spain CMS, among others.

Our website is about 99 % developed in Spanish language – why? Because is the easiest way to spread our contents. So, all your contents in English language (stories, interviews, articles, etc.) will be translated in order to make them much more accessible to Spanish decision makers. Let us be your Spanish voice!

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