Reciente y destacado

Advertising spots in both the website and the e-newsletter

We bring together a large part of the community of professionals in the golf industry in Spain and related sectors such as hospitality and tourism. Do you want all these potential customers to receive your message? We put at your disposal effective advertising spaces with which you have exclusive areas to locate banner ads or videos of your products and services.

Don’t speak Spanish? Don’t worry! We will translate the info you need from English to Spanish.

Translating artwork lines from English to Spanish

Shown on 100 % webpages

Unique banner in the spot

Always shown on the screen

Immune to ad blocks

Placement at smartphone screen

Placement in homepage at computer, laptop and tablet

Placement in inner pages at computer, laptop and tablet

Artwork format


Responsive fitting all screens

URL link to landing page

Basic Banner Ad Web

€ 100 per month

After scrolling down

Right column

Third place or lower


300x100 pixels

Plus Banner Ad Web

€ 300 per month

Secondary screen

Left column

Second place


450x150 pixels

Premium Banner Ad Web

€ 500 per month

Main screen

Middle column

First place


600x200 pixels

Top Banner Ad Web

€ 900 per month

Website header

Website header

Website header


970x90 pixels

Every two weeks, several thousand professionals from the golf industry in Spain and from other countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, etc., as well as from related sectors, receive our newsletter presenting high opening rates. Are you interested that all these potential customers keep your company in mind when they receive the newsletter every other Tuesday?

All the content of our newsletter is divided into four blocks (Management, Maintenance, Tourism and Game) and each block is headed by an exclusive banner ad. The content blocks are organized strategically according to the profile of the subscriber (club director, course owner, head greenkeeper, professional golfer, industry entrepreneur, etc.) so that you always receive the most interesting newsletter possible.

This space admits artworks in JPEG or GIF format of 600×200 pixels including a URL link to the website chosen by the advertiser. The fee for this banner is two hundred euros for each content block and for each edition of the newsletter (€ 200 / block / edition).