B2B marketing services for Spanish golf industry

So that professionals in the Spanish golf industry know your products and services well, you have our B2B marketing tools at your disposal. As they themselves indicate, our services facilitate their daily work.

To improve the visibility of your commercial brand, we hold two upgrades for your supplier microsite, the Microsite Basic Upgrade and the Microsite Premium Upgrade. Choose the one that suits you best according to your business volume, objectives, budget, etc., and start to stand out from your competition.

If you also want to take action and make your company well known by the decision makers of the Spanish golf industry, then you can count on all our tools in a practically unlimited way to spread your content and take advantage of our services thanks to the Marketing Basic Package and the Marketing Premium Package.

If you work with several commercial brands or distribute products from several manufacturers, you will want to improve several supplier microsites. In that case, you will only have to add as many supplier microsite upgrades as you deem appropriate to the plan you choose, since a single pack of content and services covers all your upgraded microsites.

By the way… can’t speak Spanish? Don’t worry! We work in English, then we post in Spanish.

Translating content from English to Spanish language

Descriptive text

Graphics elements

Directory areas listed

Corporative contact details

Outstanding placement of the microsite in the supplier directory

Logo at homepage and supplier directory

Almost unlimited using of services sections

Posting content in an almost unlimited way

Spreading content on both social media and newsletter

Creating a 'content storage' area

Corporative colour link in posted content

Active participation in our initiatives

Strategic consultancy on Spanish golf market

Free microsite

0 euros per year 

< 300 words

1 picture

1 area

Microsite Basic Upgrade

150 euros per year

< 300 words

1 picture or video


Microsite Premium Upgrade

550 euros per year

< 500 words

3 pictures or videos


Marketing Basic Package

900 euros per year 

< 300 words

1 picture or video


Marketing Premium Package

1,300 euros per year