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Beatriz Ramírez de Haro – Specialist golf translation


Specialist golf translation of the highest technical and literary quality. Texts of every kind related to the world of golf. Extensive experience working for top golf companies, national and international institutions, major international golf events and the leading golf-related TV channels.

  • Rules and regulations
  • Technical aspects
  • Golf courses
  • Tournaments and championships
  • Audiovisual material
  • Websites
  • Equipment
  • Golf course construction, management and maintenance


What is the advantage of specialist golf translation??

Translation, as a vehicle of transmission between cultures, is the channel through which ideas, products and services enter the market. In a sector as complex as golf, not just any translation will do. A quality specialist translation brings added value to the message and ensures that it makes an impact on the audience.

The three keys to golf translation:

  • Making it sound natural: Quality is a matter of writing about golf as naturally as we talk about it.
  • Technical perfection: The world of golf is highly complex, ranging from the swing to course maintenance, and including equipment, regulations and mental preparation. My intimate knowledge of that world, combined with the support of a team of specialist advisers, enables me to guarantee maximum accuracy on all technical issues.
  • The right terminology: Many English terms are firmly entrenched in golf language, but there are many equally well established Spanish terms. My command of golf in both languages qualifies me to choose the most appropriate terminology in each case.

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